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Sunscope Recalls NÜTRL-Branded Tumbler Cup in Canada. 

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tumbler recall
Sunscope has initiated a voluntary recall in Canada of a promotional tumbler cup due to a manufacturing defect that may present a safety hazard. This NÜTRL-branded tumbler, manufactured by Sunscope, was offered as a gift with purchase in select stores in Canada in April and May of 2024. Based on their testing to date, Sunscope has determined that some of the tumblers may contain a chemical cleaning solution that was trapped between the inner walls of the tumbler, which contains some levels of sulfuric and phosphoric acids. This solution may release when the tumbler is filled with liquid, posing a potential risk of serious injury. The interaction between the solution and the tumbler may also result in elevated levels of iron, chromium and nickel. A range of health effects has been associated with ingestion of these substances, including burning of the lips, tongue, throat, stomach, and other tissue damage, and nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhea. Health effects associated with skin contact with these substances include blistering, burns, pain, and redness. Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled tumbler and call this toll-free number for further information: 1 (866) 846-1778; or email If you are experiencing any symptoms, you should seek medical attention. Visit the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety website for more information on sulfuric and phosphoric acid and potential symptoms of exposure: Consumer safety is our top priority. Together with Sunscope and NÜTRL Canada, we are working with Health Canada to proactively notify consumers.

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When we operate inclusively, diversity follows. That is why we work hard to increase under represented groups and ensure all employees feel supported to contribute to their fullest potential. We are also always seeking relationships with new suppliers in all diversity classifications. We leverage this network to create seamless Tier-1 and Tier-2 diversity purchasing solutions that help clients further align spending with values.

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Our Business Resource Groups are a big part of building our inclusive culture – each with an Executive Sponsor so the committees always have access to the highest levels of our Executive Management.

We actively participate in and partner with associations to ensure we are optimizing opportunities within our value chain to help our clients meet their diversity spend goals.


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